"Our art is for those
who are wild, who have a dream, for the brave, for the poetry warriors among us, for those who dare to face their own vulnerability, for those who are homesick for a better world, for those who are out of control, for the untamed, for the others.

If you are one of those our art is for you."

bambule.babys is a 'Bavaria bred' performance group.
The name bambule.babys has its origin in the screenplay 'Bambule' of German RAF terrorist Ulrike Meinhof about a girls' riot in a community home. The 'babys' symbolize human's vulnerability.

Our theatrical performances, installations and films are intense, experimental and controversial in nature and dive deeply into the unseen, reflecting the unconscious of our society.
In immersive environments and through deconstructive narratives we address issues of identity, alienation, power, control, sexuality and freedom in our postmodern times and beyond.

Founding members:

Anna Valeska Pohl
(b. 1985, Regensburg, Bavaria)
is the creative mind behind bambule.babys. She is a theatre and filmmaker, considering herself a philosopher and feminist. She has studied at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting NYC and holds a MA in philosophy and Greek philology of the University of Munich. Her work has been supported by several grants.

Michael Pöpperl
(b. 1982, Straubing, Bavaria)
is co-founder of bambule.babys and the backbone of the group. He is a self-educated actor and works partly as a stage designer and technician. As an actor he works with Bavarian writer-director Joseph Berlinger and the artistic collective SIGNA. Most recently he has appeared at SIGNA's "Wir Hunde / Us dogs" at Wiener Festwochen 2016.

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