Baby Paradise
is a bizarre trip into
desire and oppression,
trauma and control,
using a
grotesque porno-choreography
with Barbie dolls
to entertain.

"Call me Baby.
I'm your Baby.
I've been waiting for you.
What do you want?"

"What occurs is mythic reality.
Hades abducted Persephone into the underworld. The barbarity of human sexuality has always been present.
Baby is more than just a girl working in the sex industry.
In some way Baby is
one of those fucked-up girls
we all are."
(Anna Valeska Pohl)

Baby Paradise. Immersive performance installation.
Baby Paradise. Barbie Doll Porn. Anti-porn short film.

Baby Paradise was partly created at the Stella Adler Studio, New York City and at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, USA.

Photographer / Cinematographer: Robert Fischer

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