draws on Christian images of martyrdom
based on writer-director Pohl's recollection of her upbringing
in the suppressive environment
of the deeply religious Bavarian hinterland.

"Even when I'm in the purgatory fire
and I have to re-experience this moment again and again.
Ich möchte mich einnisten in einen Brutkasten.
Like a sleeping embryo."

"Before I became an artist there were times in my life
when I felt totally unable to communicate.
Cecilia's cassette recorder is like my own fragmented, often silenced voice.
is a story about failed communication."
(Anna Valeska Pohl)

Cecilia.arising. Site-specific performance installation. Sigismundkapelle
Regensburg, Bavaria April 2016.
A first version of Cecilia was performed at Picasso Machinery, Brooklyn, New York City in June 2015 under the title Cecilia Baby.

Featuring Anna Valeska Pohl as Cecilia
Photographer / Cinematographer: Robert Fischer
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