is an ongoing postmodern pop tragedy,
ripping apart the sex and gender dramas in a mutated family
on the battlefield of popcorn and purity codes.

"Vor den Toiletten feilschen wir mit unserer Kunst /
 We are selling our art in front of the toilettes"

"I've always seen myself
in the characters of MUTANTENGESCHLECHT
 but I think it is not just me, it is my generation.
No time for resistance, no longing for utopia, no dreams left -
the world of an Antigone today.
We have to wake up
in order not to end like the MUTANTENGESCHLECHT"
(Anna Valeska Pohl)

MUTANTENGESCHLECHT. (HOUSE OF MUTANTS). Antigone Pop Version, postmodern performance cycle in 4 parts. Premiered at different venues and in public space. Regensburg, Bavaria March to July 2014. To be continued.
Video fragments of MUTANTENGESCHLECHT were screened at local cinemas, coffee shops and exhibitions in 2014/15.

Featuring: Anna Valeska Pohl as Antigone, Michael Pöpperl as Kreon, Simon Gal as Haimon, Amélie Gaime as Teiresias; Anna-Maria Eigl, Christine Auberger, Hanne Engelhardt, Konstanze Schwenk and Tobias Pöpperl as dancers; Christoph Punzmann as DJ Dionysos
Photographers: Paul Lange, Vinc Pollack
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